Commercial Electricians Vs Residential Electricians

Electrician is in great demand and is responsible for all types of wiring and lighting needs in commercial buildings. To be competitive, commercial electricians should have the knowledge, skill, and education necessary to do the work required. Most of them start as home-based operators who learn on the jobs. There are a variety of schools that can help you achieve your dream of becoming an electrician. Here is a look at the schools that can help you become a commercial electrician:

Industrial Institute – This is a two-year college for people wishing to pursue electrical systems and maintenance careers. Some of the classes offered include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and communications. The average student earns an associate’s degree. The two major areas of focus are lighting and heating. Students also learn about industrial refrigeration equipment repairs, air conditioning repair, and electrical drafting.

Collier College – Among the Collier College classes are foundation courses in electrical systems, troubleshooting, and electricians basics. Other coursework may include construction principles, manufacturing methods, and mechanics. Students who complete the general studies portion of the curriculum will take the state board exams for the specific courses required for their licensing as commercial electricians. The requirements to become one are a degree in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering with a grade point average of at least 2.5. You need to have completed at least 200 hours of classroom study and four years of accredited college courses, and experience working with electricians.

ITT Technical Institute – This is one of the largest technical schools in the nation. They offer both on campus and online courses for those who are looking to become one of the commercial electricians in the country. There are typically specific programs for those who are interested in installing and repairing commercial buildings, like those found in apartment buildings and retail stores. It typically takes around three years to complete the full program and it takes about four years to become certified.

Colorado Technical Institute – This school offers both online courses and on-campus instruction for those wishing to become one of the commercial electricians in the country. Many of the credits that are earned at the school are transferable and can be used towards any other type of program. All programs taught at CTU are designed with a heavy emphasis on math and science so that all students will be able to take the necessary classes to finish their degrees. After students graduate, they typically take a job search and training course to prepare them for employment. This is good for those with natural entrepreneurial skills.

ITT Technical Institute also has several vocational programs which allow students to focus on different aspects of the commercial electrical professions. These include intrusion detection systems, computer networking, and cable installation. The vocational courses are designed to prepare students to enter into the commercial electrician field once they have become licensed or have been trained by another firm. Some of these programs allow students to get their actual jobs while attending classes at the school, while others still allow them to complete their training on their own.

Another great thing about ITT is that it does not require you to leave your home if you are looking for work. Most of the commercial electricians that work for this company actually live in the city where they work. They travel to the country clubs and golf resorts on weekends to set up shop and to make a living. They are perfectly able to work at odd hours when needed without having to worry about their family’s safety. This is just another plus for those with families because they do not have to worry about staying home to be with them every day.

Many companies hire ITT commercial electricians in order to maintain their business’ electricity systems. There are several different kinds of services that commercial power tools provide and most people want to keep their equipment in the best condition possible. This means that residential electricians will probably be called more often than commercial ones, simply because of the greater exposure to danger. For this reason, it is better to hire an electrician from a larger company who knows what he is doing and who is well-trained with the tools needed to keep residential buildings and businesses properly lit and running.